Platinum Member Status for in2code

Platinum Member Status for in2code, 21.08.2014:

"(...) we have grown along with the TYPO3 community to more than 20 people. We enjoyed creating more than 50 publicly available extensions and more than 500 projects. So we are happy to support the community even more as a Platinum Member now.

We also gladly support the many TYPO3 meetings and events - not only with money but also with speakers and interesting topics. Stefan Busemann - one of the owners of in2code - is even more involved as one of the TYPO3 Association board members.

Why are we doing this

Because we have faith in the development of TYPO3 and want to support it even more. We live TYPO3 - our simple claim is the phrase which describes us best.

About in2code

in2code is specialized in TYPO3 and supports TYPO3-, internet- and full-service agencies as well as large and medium sized companies. We offer customized solutions for internet and intranet sites as well as web applications based on TYPO3 (CMS, NEOS, FLOW) and other modern programming languages and techniques. Founded in 2010, we combine more than 40 years of TYPO3 experience and more than 60 web developer years in our team now."