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Daily Requirements

When using a Content Management System the following requirements are desired frequently:

  • An editor performs multiple content changes on a page that shall be published together and in a specified moment.
  • Content changes need to be approved in one or multiple steps before they are published.
  • For optimised security the TYPO3 live server does not have backend users so intrusion is hindered.

Publishing Content and Files - Just A Klick

Parts of these requirements can be resolved by using Workspaces in TYPO3. However, many developers are reluctant to do so because of the lack of compatibilty with various extensions and performance issues.

We offer a tool to solve these requirements easily: The Content Publisher for TYPO3 CMS is able to publish content and files at a klick or after performing a complex predefined workflow. The architecture for this is very simple: Splitting the system into two separate servers provides a number of benefits.

Separation Into Two Servers

By splitting the system into two servers the interface for the editors (stage server) can be located inside a protected network. The actual live server on the other hand is publicly accessible.

This allows that changes can be made without being visible on the website instantly. Even larger content reorganisation can be prepared, optimised, approved and published at a specified time.

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When Publishing Multiple Languages Workspaces usually gave up!

"Since we use the Content Publisher that's not an issue anymore. The system is very robust and performance is better than with Workspaces as well. We always had problems with custom-built extensions that were not optimised for Workspaces. Now we can simply use identical code on both systems. Thats a great relief!

We wanted to have the security of a protected backend for a long time. The Content Publisher provides exactly that."

Benefits of the Content Publisher


Intuitive Handling

The modern interface allows intuitive handling without much training.

Maximum Security

The transfer of assets and content is always done via secured connections (SSH/SFTP). This makes backend users on the live server superfluous.

Future Proof

The Content Publisher is going to support all future TYPO3 versions.

Complex Workflows

A workflow module allows predefined workflows with endless steps. The workflow process starts automatically when a record is modified.
(Enterprise Edition)

Publishing Content With Just A Click


Architecture close to the TYPO3 standard

Workflow Demo

Easy Handling

Editors can spot the differences between the servers at a glance. They can transfer content from Stage to Live with just a click.

Vast support of extensions

The Content Publisher supports almost all TYPO3 extensions as long as they have been created in line with the TYPO3 standard (TCA).

Facts as PDF

You would like to have a detailed description with all facts? Download the PDF Factsheet (Enterprise Edition) here.

Content Publisher: TYPO3

Editors can now publish themselves without waiting...

"... because our support as admins is not required anymore. With selective publishing it is not necessary to have the whole server in a publishable stage at a specific time. Furthermore involving external editors has become a lot less complicated because the changes go through a proper approval process.“

Editor featuresCommunity editionEnterprise edition
PublishPages, Files, ToolsPages, Files, Tools
Filter lists
Compare View
Exclude tables
Configuration perPagetree, UserPagetree, User
Workflows perPage, Record
Team communication
Single User communication
Single Record Publishing
Scheduled Publishing
Accelerated BE view
Fire And Forget Publishing
Solr support
Admin featuresCommunity editionEnterprise edition
Relation breadcrumb
Logging in database
Debug options
Handle special characters (e.g. German Umlauts) in filenames
Clear FE cache on live server
Clear and update RealURL cache
Table operationsPublish, Import, BackupPublish, Import, Backup
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