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The Bayerischer Landes-Sportverband - BLSV for short - is the central organisation for all sports clubs in Bavaria and currently organises more than 12,000 sports clubs with over 4.4 million Bavarian athletes. It is the largest personal association in Bavaria and occupies an excellent second place in a German comparison.

Infrastructure and Server

The server team of in2code GmbH takes over the monitoring and supervision of the web servers of the Bavarian State Sports Association. Furthermore, we are available to the BLSV for consulting and software updates.

The in2code GmbH

in2code supports the internal development department of the BLSV by partnership cooperation in complex development projects. In addition, we assist the client with security, server and software support.

On request we also take over consulting tasks in the TYPO3 and server area.

The QualiNET

One of the projects is the so-called QualiNET - a web application based on the latest TYPO3 6.2 LTS as a backend to event management. Sub-associations organized in the BLSV manage events, for example a training course, and map them in QualiNET. In a dynamic interface (HTML/CSS/JavaScript) all aspects of this event can be organized and linked to existing information. The focus of the administration is on rationalizing and optimizing the workflow for predominantly volunteer employees and simplifying examination/release by the responsible committees.

Automated dispatch of letters

A further project is the automation of letter post and email dispatch. For this purpose, a corresponding application (middleware) was programmed on the basis of TYPO3 Flow, which implements the automated dispatch of documents via an interface to a dispatch service provider or via e-mail (or both). Dispatches are automatically processed and passed on according to pre-set specifications for dispatch time and dispatch type (by post or e-mail). For example, cyclical invoices are sent to the service provider by mail every month, where they are printed, enveloped and sent. TYPO3 thus ensures a reduction of errors and costs.

Automatic sending of letters

With the help of TYPO3 Flow, in2code GmbH developed a middleware for the automatic dispatch of letters via a mail service provider. This way, cyclical invoices can be digitally prepared in a cost-saving way and sent without loss of time.

Our services



A good analysis is the basis for a successful project. In close consultation with the customer and his project team we create a well thought-out concept. The time invested in this basic framework could not be better used.


The ideas and findings from the previous project phases are implemented in the development. All our techniques and guidelines have only one goal: to increase quality and scalability for a sustainable project.


So that you can concentrate fully on your project, we offer you a comprehensive range of infrastructure services. No matter whether at your site or at our data center.


Often the requirements for web presences change on a daily or weekly basis. We are happy to assist you with specially tailored support. With a support agreement we guarantee a personal contact person who knows the project and advises the client, as well as fast response times.
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