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mBook - The digital schoolbook

With the mBook, Cornelsen Verlag is focusing on even more digital educational solutions for schools. Cornelsen takes over the multimedia and interactive textbook mBook with the aim of making greater use of the potential of new technologies in the school context. And this is prize-winning - the Georg Eckert Institute for International Textbook Research, the Standing Conference of Ministers of Education and Cultural Affairs and the Federal Agency for Civic Education awarded the mBook as the first digital textbook of the year at the Leipzig Book Fair.


In order to further advance the professionalization of the project, in2code GmbH takes care of versioning and fail-safe deployment of the web project

The mBook

The multimedia textbook is an interactive and customizable learning and workbook for the teaching lessons and was designed as a prototype for the subject history. This browser-based textbook is a new development for competence-oriented and differentiated teaching, both in terms of content and didactics.

It is based on a concept and development strategy that the Institut für digitales Lernen GbR has developed on the basis of research results in history didactics. The mBook was developed not only as a funding instrument, but also as a research instrument.

The task

in2code GmbH supports the mBook development team with the development of a stable and scalable deployment solution based on the version control GIT with the workflow GIT FLOW. Together with a Continous Integreation Tool like Jenkins the steady and uninterrupted further development is guaranteed.

In addition, our own development team including a personal contact person mBook is always available for consulting, support and development of new features so that the project can continue to grow.

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