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Mitsubishi Chemical Advanced Materials

Mitsubishi Chemical Advanced Materials is a global manufacturer of thermoplastic materials in the field of high-performance plastics. These semi-finished, finished and injection moulded parts are required in various industrial sectors such as medical technology, food processing, automotive industry and many others. Distributed over five continents, the group has production facilities and representatives in a total of 21 countries.

TYPO3 Upgrade

in2code GmbH was commissioned by MCAM (formerly Quadrant AG) to update the TYPO3 version of the company's website. In concrete terms, this means an update from LTS version 6.2 to 8.7. An adjustment of the layout is not planned in the first step. An initial analysis revealed the manifold use of obsolete TYPO3 extensions which had to be replaced with the update.

The goal was to deconstruct many individual and outdated functions to TYPO3 onboard tools. In addition to the reduction of technical debts, this conversion guarantees simple and economically justifiable updates in the future.


The upgrade and the deconstruction to TYPO3 onboard resources required an extensive migration plan for the content. Already created content had to be reusable without loss and with as little manual rework as possible. Page content (TemplaVoila, Accordions, Tabs, etc...), pages, metadata, addresses, news, videos and categories were migrated automatically. A task which is a challenge in itself. In view of 18 different languages with individually adjustable fallback options and the use of TYPO3 workspaces, this became an exciting scenario. The generated migration script ran for about 6 hours at the end to adapt content and its meta information in the best possible way. Thus, elements of the type accordion (expandable content) within tabs and again tab containers within grids could be automatically prepared.

A look into the future

Parallel to the update, a product finder solution was designed and implemented. Such an extension allows the simple search for products on the website. An interface to the product database provides TYPO3 with all necessary information. The extension will soon be available to visitors.

Another big topic for all involved is the possibility of a professional translation of page contents into a variety of languages. At the moment we are working together on an easy to use integration into TYPO3.

Multilingual and Multiregional

The MCAM website currently covers 18 different languages and regions. One of our freely available TYPO3 extensions takes care of directing visitors to the best possible page in the best possible language.

Sandra Pohl

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In addition to the work on the application, in2code GmbH has also been commissioned with the development and support of the web server architecture. Our server team designed seven separate TYPO3 instances on automatically provisioned servers with the aim of delivering the website to all time zones of the world with the highest possible performance. A connection to the CDN of Amazon Cloudfront allows visitors to enjoy the assets (images, videos, etc...) at the best possible speed - for example in China. The use of our Content Publisher allows a further hardening of the website against hackers. Permanent monitoring and the installation of a zero downtime deployment round off the service.

"With this project, we are using Docker in a productive environment for the first time and are amazed at the advantages that have already been achieved for us and thus for the customer within a very short time", says Martin Huber, CTO and head of the server team.