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Pure Surfcamps - Pure Passion: With this motto, Pure Surfcamps has been organising surf camps, surf houses & surf trips for over 10 years. In doing so, they support their customers with passion and heart and soul in providing advice and handling at the very highest level. We, in2code GmbH, have also been able to experience this unique experience.

The Website - the heart of Pure

The website is the flagship and business card of a B2C company. It enables customers to find the company online and access information about products or services. It therefore becomes more important to make a good impression with the website. Many factors play a significant role: whether it's the user journey, user experience, technical functions, loading times or good design. The big picture must fit and the user should feel comfortable - from the booking process to the stay.

Responsive Design  & optimized UX

The website of Puresurfcamps has been specially optimised for mobile devices. With a responsive design, delivered to us by an external agency, and intuitive navigation, it offers a wide range of camps in different countries for all ages and abilities. Each camp is described in detailed description including location, accommodation and activities. It was important to know which content is most relevant to visitors. These can therefore be found easily and quickly.

Coming soon: Optimised Responsive Image-Loading

We are currently working on a special solution for Responsive Image-Loading. The optimisation of images is very important for optimal pagespeed. The concept is based on providing the browser with up to 12 variants of an image. It can then independently choose which one to load. With the new solution, there are no delays for the editors. Even if a lot of images have to be calculated.

Fast and high-performance

Despite the high number of visitors and the extensive content, the website remains fast because of the CDN cache, which ensures a seamless user experience. All the multimedia content used also benefits from this cache. By loading the CDN, the high-quality photos and videos can still be made available quickly and thus provide a vivid insight into the camps and regions.

Accessible for everyone

Until now it was not possible to get a list of all prices of different camp packages. An offer always had to be made on request, which was only made available to the customer by e-mail after a certain amount of time. Worst case: The customer is dissatisfied with the already complicated way of arriving at his final price and now also receives an offer that may not be suitable for him in the end.

Now, all price overviews for surf camps and accommodations are imported into TYPO3 via an API, which ensures up-to-date price information in seasonal order and makes it accessible to everyone.

When Google threatens, we are there - technical SEO

One of the most compelling reasons for optimising the website was the extremely low-rated core web vitals. These provide important key figures for the user experience on a website and have an extraordinary influence on the SEO ranking. So it even came to the point that Google threatened significant ranking loss. Our SEO experts knew what to do. All elements were analysed for layout shifts due to the low CSS score. The analysis and optimisation ensured that all components on the page were displayed stably and without sudden shifts. This enabled us to significantly increase the score by the time of the relaunch and satisfy Google again.

Our services


In development, ideas and insights are put into practice. All our techniques and guidelines have only one goal: increasing quality and scalability for a sustainable project. We have the appropriate specialists in our team for every requirement.


Distribute a specific software version to one or more servers at the push of a button? With a well thought-out and optimised zero-downtime deployment as well as automated testing, we act as a contact partner.


A website never stands still. Often the requirements for the web presence change in a daily or weekly rhythm. We support you with specially tailored support. With a support agreement, we guarantee a personal contact person who knows and advises on the project, as well as fast response times.

Marketing / SEO

If desired and required, the customer can take advantage of SEO services from our online marketing team. These services include, among others, preparation and analysis of the SEO status quo, an individual technical SEO analysis, SEO consulting and many other services.


LUX - the Marketing Automation Tool for TYPO3 helps to analyse and identify visitors and develop leads with just a few clicks in the TYPO3 backend.
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