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Rechtsanwaltskammer München

As one of 28 regional bar associations, the Rechtsanwaltskammer München is the basis of the lawyers' self-administration. In addition to professional supervision, the work of the Rechtsanwaltskammer München focuses on advising and supporting its members. The legislator has assigned it a comprehensive catalogue of tasks. Furthermore, the Rechtsanwaltskammer München represents the interests of the lawyers admitted to the bar in its district.

Member directory online

One of the core functions of the RAK München website is the listing of all members with a detailed filter function. All members are maintained within DATEV and imported automatically.

The Rechtsanwaltskammer München

The Rechtsanwaltskammer for the Oberlandesgerichtsbezirk München is the legally established self-governing organisation of the liberal profession of lawyers who have established their office in the district of the Oberlandesgericht München. The Chamber has its seat at the seat of the Munich Higher Regional Court and thus in Munich. Its statutory tasks are derived from the provisions of the Federal Lawyers' Act and include the admission of and supervision of its members. The Rechtsanwaltskammer München has almost 22.000 members.


As one of the first tasks of the new service provider, in2code GmbH will take care of the upcoming update of the TYPO3 version from 6LTS to 8LTS. This includes an automatic migration of pages and content as well as the update of various extensions and modules. The goal is an uninterrupted relaunch with a modern, fast and scalable foundation, which allows a continuous development. A version control in cooperation with a tool for continuous integration enables secure development in the future.

Problem solutions

Furthermore, in2code takes care of problem solving and the development of new features and extensions within an ongoing support agreement. One of the most important functions of the website is the listing of all members of the chamber with a detailed filter function.

The next task will be to integrate the chamber's messaging system into the existing TYPO3 environment to keep future support and maintenance efforts as low as possible. News of the RAK will be made available to all members of the chamber either digitally or alternatively as print version.

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