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Seeburger AG

Seeburger AG is a German software company with over 1,200 employees serving more than 14,000 customers worldwide. With their Business Integration Suite (BIS), they offer companies an agile, secure and scalable platform for the integration of applications, people and processes in flexible deployment models. The website has recently been given a new in2code design.

Mobile first

Right from the start, the main focus was clear: the website had to work on all common end devices. Especially on the smallest ones. That's why we followed the mobile-first approach in the design process. This means that the design is first created in the mobile viewport and then adapted to the growing viewports (tablet/desktop). This makes the website easier to use on a smartphone. A clear structure is important here, which was also particularly important to the customer from the outset. The result is a self-explanatory user interface that looks appealing and, above all, professional.

Server management - All the way to China!

To ensure optimum performance for Chinese visitors, one of the three servers is located in China. The special feature: This setup only requires one TYPO3 for all instances! The distribution of the code is fully automated via the common software Gitlab CI and to maintain the code quality, it is constantly checked with various tools. And all this without website downtime.

Better user experience for editors too

In addition to comprehensive optimizations in the frontend, special emphasis was also placed on a simple working method for editors in the backend. For this reason, all irrelevant fields have been hidden in the TYPO3 administration interface and explanatory icons have been placed in useful places.

The heart of the project

The pride and joy of our developers in this project is undoubtedly the Resource Center. This is a system based on structured data for maintaining all content such as press releases, brochures, case studies, white papers and much more. With the help of SOLR faceting, content can even be filtered by category. The marketing automation tool Marketo supports the whole process with forms that are designed to effectively generate leads. Visitors can therefore only access the respective files after completing a registration form. The form function is also used for event registrations. Win-win!

Our Services


Needs assessment

The needs assessment has only one goal: to identify problems and turn them into opportunities. To this end, we will work together to develop individual solutions.


A good analysis is the basis for a successful project. In close consultation with the customer and their project team, we create a well thought-out concept. The time invested in this basic framework could not be put to better use.


We create an individual design adapted to the customer project and its requirements. The client receives a prototype at an early stage, which they can "play" with on their computer, tablet or smartphone.


During development, the ideas and findings from the previous project phases are implemented. All our techniques and guidelines have only one goal: to increase quality and scalability for a sustainable project.


Deploying a specific software version to one or more servers at the touch of a button. With a well thought-out deployment optimized for the respective project, we enable the project managers to do this. As the perfect partner for zero-downtime deployments and automated tests, failures are a thing of the past.


So that you can concentrate fully on your project, our server team offers you a comprehensive range of infrastructure services. Whether on your premises or at our data center.

Marketing / SEO

Our search engine optimization (SEO), Google Ads and social media services are designed to make your brand more visible and appealing. We work closely with you to develop customized solutions that meet your individual requirements and goals.


The requirements for websites often change on a daily or weekly basis. We are happy to assist with specially tailored support. With a support agreement, we guarantee a personal contact person who knows the project and advises the client, as well as fast response times.


In the area of search engine optimization, we provided advice on perfecting redirect management, the general site structure and international SEO. We always recommend this advice for such extensive restructuring. In order to further increase visibility in the future, we continuously monitor the website in order to make any necessary SEO adjustments and consult with each other in regular SEO meetings

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