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With more than 10,500 students, OTH Regensburg is one of the largest and most research-intensive universities of applied sciences in Bavaria. A total of 56 degree programmes are available to prospective and current students. Whether technology, economics, computer science, mathematics, social sciences, health, architecture or design - there is something for everyone here.

Timeless Design

With the focus on improving the user experience and user intention, the concept and design were developed together with JANDA+ROSCHER, Die WerbeBotschafter, and the OTH Regensburg. The now extremely slim navigation offers a lot of content in depth, but due to the breadcrumb display the user keeps a good overview and can quickly switch to other relevant areas. This was important because previously a lot of dead content had accumulated over the years and the navigation depth had taken on a considerable dimension. In addition, special attention was given to accessibility. This can be seen in the strong contrasts between elements and text, and the user can also help by using a contrast switch.

Intelligent study guidance

It's not a secret that Solr is our favourite solution when it comes to fast and intelligent search results. For example, study advice can be given using filter options and search input. In addition, there is the option to select a degree programme from the tile overview and to collect all relevant information about it on a comprehensive landing page.

User-Friendly Backend

Especially with a relaunch, it is very important to us to offer the editors a user-friendly interface during and after the launch. Despite the fancy design, we were able to implement the elements in a way that is easy to maintain for the backend. This makes content maintenance fun and the frontend is equally impressive. This means that the wishes and needs of teachers, students, faculties, spin-offs such as laboratories, or the HR department can be implemented easily and quickly with the help of extensive design options. Frameworks such as Vue.js were used for the implementation, content was seamlessly connected to the TYPO3 backend via API interfaces and played out to the frontend framework via Solr.

Subsite Concept

Using a so-called subsite concept, certain institutions or faculties can create their very own area with their own domain within the OTH Regensburg instance. This is marked with a changing highlight colour. In addition, the option to return to the OTH Regensburg page at any time appears above the header.

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