University of Tübingen TYPO3 8LTS-Migration

University of Tübingen

The University of Tübingen is a top international university that is clearly committed to common European values. These include above all freedom of science and research, freedom of opinion and speech, equality of all people and respect for human dignity, regardless of origin, religion, social status, gender or sexual orientation. With almost 28,000 students, the university is actively committed to the positive development of society and peaceful coexistence, to the sustainable development of the economy and the protection of the environment.

Active support & further development

One of the main tasks of in2code GmbH is to advise the university in questions of web presence. Our project management takes into account the university's past experience, the complex infrastructure and the wishes of the many visitors and editors. Our focus is on a joint development of the website together with the University Communication and the Centre for Data Processing.

The University

In 330 courses of study at the University of Tübingen, students find subjects that will shape their future life. The spectrum ranges from Egyptology to dentistry.

In addition, the University's scientists set standards in many areas of research - this is also reflected in the numerous prizes and awards they have received from external institutions.

The website itself is based on a complex structure of web servers and clusters, which are managed and updated by the University's Center for Data Processing. This solution, distributed over several locations, ensures absolute high availability and reliable usability for visitors and editors. However, the maintenance and further development of applications such as TYPO3 on these servers requires some experience and knowledge.

The task

The university decided on in2code GmbH primarily because of its experience in the higher education and university sector. Our main task is to actively advise and support customers in the operation and further development of the website.

In addition to the many technical tasks - such as the development of individual solutions within TYPO3 - the automated migration of page structures (approx. 70,000), page content and structured content for future updates comprises a significant part of our tasks. In2code also supports the creation and maintenance of an individual zero downtime deployment - adapted to the complex infrastructure.

User guidance and training

When customizing the content management system, our focus is increasingly on the ease of use of TYPO3 in the backend. Editors should be able to manage and update content in their daily tasks as easily as possible and without the need for training.

For editors who are hungry for knowledge, in2code GmbH nevertheless gives training courses at the University of Tübingen from time to time. Individual topics and queries can be answered directly by our scrum master.

In addition to extensive online help, the agency from Rosenheim also created several training videos that can be viewed at any time in order to refresh the knowledge that has already been learned and to make it as easy as possible for newcomers.

TYPO3 Migration

With the help of a specially developed migration framework, pages and page content, as well as other structured data records, were automatically migrated from TYPO3 6LTS to TYPO3 8LTS and later to TYPO3 10LTS. Manual reworking was thus reduced to a necessary minimum and the relaunch schedule was significantly shortened (see press release University of Tübingen - new website).

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