Intranet for the DELTA Group - realized with TYPO3

Firmenweites Intranet mit TYPO3

Supplement to the Internet presence: The new Intranet of the DELTA Group - also realized with TYPO3 - is now available to the company's own employees. The main aim is to provide visitors with helpful information and interesting facts about current projects or new colleagues. News on the homepage show the most important news at a glance. A constantly updated employee directory (connection to an external interface) helps visitors to make it easier to contact other colleagues - not least when they are in other countries. Of course, an overview of all company locations should not be missing, especially if the stories of the origins make the actually sober data interesting.

If you don't find what you are looking for in the website navigation when visiting and searching for a certain topic, you can also simply use the internal search function of the intranet. Here the search engine Solr takes care of an appealing advertisement with relevant results.
By the way, the canteen's weekly menu is also a very popular source of information for returning visitors at the DELTA Group.

In addition, internal areas can be created within the intranet in order to present different information to visitors from different areas. For example, a planner is probably interested in other topics than a visitor from management. An extra login in the intranet is not necessary. An SSO solution (Single Sign-On with the help of Kerberos) uses the daily login on Windows to automatically authenticate the visitor in the intranet.

"From my point of view, the simple placement of appropriate contacts anywhere in the intranet is particularly helpful," says David Richter, Product Owner of this project: "This automatically shows visitors who is the best person to ask for advice on a particular topic.

To make the best possible use of synergies, the new intranet uses the same code base already developed for the existing website. Improvements and bug fixes can therefore be easily integrated into the parallel system, even though these two sites are software on completely different servers. Of course, there are also changes that are only relevant for the intranet. The large number of pages, for example, requires an addition to the navigation concept so that the visitor gets to the desired information as quickly as possible.

A total of 6 different servers, together with a high-availability file system and database network, ensure maximum reliability and accessibility. A zero-downtime deployment rounds off the setup with the possibility of trouble-free software updates.

A look into the future:

In the near future, a digital marketplace will expand the wealth of information on the intranet with personal offers from employees. Here it is possible to advertise carpooling opportunities, real estate, vehicles or events or manage existing data records with just a few mouse clicks. Interested parties can then contact each other easily via the intranet. Here, too, further authentication at the system is not necessary thanks to the SSO used.