Quadrant AG: Delivery Program just started!

Produkte auflisten und vergleichen - das Delivery Program der Quadrant AG

Following the relaunch of quadrantplastics.com a few months ago, we took on the next task together: The presentation of a wealth of products with an even greater wealth of information. For the first time, the Delivery Program gives visitors the opportunity to easily select products according to their needs. At the same time, existing customers can recognize changes in delivery times or stock levels at a central point.

A search for geometry, temperature, colour, chemical family and other properties together with a simple user interface (UI) forms the basis for this service within the existing TYPO3 website.

With the help of the search engine technology Solr it is possible to display a multitude of product families, products and facets on the website quickly and without loss of time. All data records are regularly imported into TYPO3 in order to be able to maintain them in a third-party system.

For the near future, we plan to use a watch list and a comparison function for the technical data of all products via the connection to another central database. In addition, the products are to be enriched in several languages with even more assets and whitepapers.