CERMAT Employee qualifications at a glance

CERMAT - Certificate Management Tool

In industry, especially in the construction sector, the process industry and other areas, the targeted qualification of employees plays a decisive role.

In this context, employee training is relevant as well as examinations, qualifications and appointments. CERMAT is an online tool for managing these employee qualifications. The tool is used internationally and increasingly replaces the administration via Excel list.

Collect requirements for employees in profiles

Core features are, in addition to intuitive data entry, appointment management and active and targeted reminders of expiring validity periods. The required qualifications can be collected in profiles.

Administration of employee qualifications and due dates

The main components of CERMAT are the central administration of employee qualifications and appointments as well as the maintenance of employee profiles and the printing of security passes.

Appointments for examinations, training, qualifications and appointments can be created and assigned to the corresponding employee as requirements. Due dates can be easily kept in view in an overview. All employee data and requirements can be printed in various formats as security passes. These security passes can be used for customer documentation as well as employee statements.

In this way, you always have an overview of the necessary qualifications that your employees have to meet and you are always up to date when the next training is due.

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