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3 simple steps to a data protection compliant web presence - we are happy to take over for you

Cookie Audit

Do you know which data is stored on your site? Keeping track of the data stored on your website is not easy. Many functions such as search techniques, language selections or forms store so-called cookies without being directly visible. With our Cookie Audit you are on the safe side. It lists all cookies precisely, classifies them functionally and records the provider, duration and purpose. So you know exactly what to do next.

By the way: Third-party providers such as YouTube, Google and Co. like to change their approach from time to time, so continuous monitoring for new or modified cookies is important. We are also happy to keep a constant eye on your website.


Cookie Opt-In

The PECR (Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations), GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) and DSK (Conference of Independent Data Protection Authorities of the Federal and State Governments, an orientation guide of the supervisory authorities for providers of telemedia services) regulations specify exactly what may or may not be stored and how, and for what the user must give his or her unambiguous consent. But even if these topics are foreign to you, we will gladly take care of them for you.

Through the preceding cookie audit, you and we know exactly what information your individual cookie opt-in banner, adapted to your CI, must provide.


2-click solution

Special care should be taken with special elements such as videos or iFrames. Even if these do not set cookies on your website at first glance, data will still be transmitted. The personal data of your visitors is stored on the respective third-party domains and you must ensure that this does not happen. Here, an individual two-click solution is required, which ensures that critical content is only loaded after active approval.

In addition, you should keep an eye on the content security policy of your website and restrict it as much as possible. We will also be happy to help you with this.


in2code Cookie Management Suite

Individual Configuration

The flexible configuration enables dynamic expansion and adaptation to your needs

Wide compatibility

Our cookie solution works completely stand-alone, independent of any CMS and can therefore be used on any site. And no further extension is necessary.

Future-proof coverage

Not only the known cookies are considered by us. By blocking whole scripts from the beginning, we also take care for other storage methods like local storages.

Fully compliant with data protection

The loading of the scripts is blocked from the beginning and not deleted afterwards. This ensures that no data is transferred without consent.

Saving the settings

The settings made by the user are stored in accordance with data protection regulations and can be accessed and edited at any time.

Modern UI

The data protection requirements are combined with modern UI.

Our Cookie Banner in your CI colors

Do you know which data are stored on your site?

Keeping track of the data stored on your website is not easy. Many functions such as search techniques, language selections or forms store so-called cookies without being directly visible. With a cookie audit of your technical agency you are on the safe side. This should list all cookies precisely, classify them functionally and record the provider, duration and purpose.


Our cookie solution:

Caution with special functions

External content

To use this content (Source: www.youtube-nocookie.com ), please click to Accept. We would like to point out that by accepting this iframes data to third parties transmitted or cookies could be stored.

You can find further information in our Privacy policy.

2-click solution for videos & iFrames

Why does it need another solution besides the Cookie Banner?
The code for special elements like videos or other iFrames is loaded before the cookie banner and could therefore only be deactivated afterwards. Although many solutions go the way of a subsequent deactivation, this procedure is too borderline for us and we strive for a secure two-click solution. This works both stand-alone, if someone has not accepted all cookies, or can be activated via our cookie banner, so that the best UX for the visitor is possible.

To test the function, now deactivate the video settings in the cookie banner, reload the page and see the 2-Click-Solution on the left.


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