Advanced, Flexible, Focused: Discover the latest API and A/B testing updates in LUX

Advanced, Flexible, Focused: Discover the latest API and A/B testing updates in LUX

Writing API

One of the most requested innovations in LUX is the introduction of a new, writing API endpoint. This extension allows users to enter leads directly into TYPO3 - a significant step forward in user interaction and data management. It doesn’t matter whether the leads come from the frontend (e.g. from a special JavaScript) or from a CRM.

The intelligent linking function is particularly noteworthy: If the lead entered already exists, the new information is seamlessly merged with the existing data. This means a significant improvement in data quality and consistency without creating duplicate entries. Detailed documentation and instructions for using this new API endpoint are of course also available. The API is only available in combination with the LUXenterprise Extension.

Limited A/B testing

Another highlight in the latest version of LUX is the introduction of limited A/B testing. This feature allows users to limit their testing to a specific number of interactions, creating a more precise and targeted testing environment. This flexibility is particularly useful for smaller campaigns or specific audiences where extensive testing is not always practical or necessary. This innovation allows marketing teams to experiment and learn better without the risk of flooding the entire audience with a test. A/B tests are only available in combination with the LUXenterprise Extension.

Support for MTM parameters

LUX is now expanding its functionality to include the integration of MTM parameters, a small but by no means insignificant update that will be of particular interest to users of the analytics tool Matomo. This extension complements the existing support for UTM parameters, which are primarily used in the context of Google Tools. MTM parameters enable deeper and more specific analysis of user behavior, especially for those looking for or using a privacy-compliant alternative to Google Analytics.

By implementing MTM parameters in LUX, we open the door to a wider range of analysis options and offer our users more flexibility in data collection and evaluation. This feature underlines our commitment to position LUX as a versatile and adaptable marketing automation solution that adapts to the various needs and preferences of users.

Conclusion and outlook

With these latest developments, LUX reinforces its position as an emerging and adaptable solution in the world of marketing automation for TYPO3. The addition of new API endpoints, the introduction of limited A/B testing and the integration of MTM parameters are more than just features - they are a sign of our commitment to innovation and customer proximity. We pride ourselves on providing our users with tools that are not only powerful and versatile, but also intuitive and easy to use. LUX will continue to evolve to meet the needs of our growing user base and shape the field of marketing automation. We look forward to your feedback on these innovations and are excited about the ways LUX will transform your marketing.