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AI and ChatGPT for TYPO3 development

AI and ChatGPT for TYPO3 development

In the Pro version of Chat GPT there is the option of using special “GPTs”. These use a certain pre-configuration to better solve special requests. In addition to the well-known "Write For Me" (marketing texts), "PHP Engineer" and "MySQL Maestro" GPTs, we intensively use our "TYPO3 Dev Assist" in the company. This GPT represents a comprehensive solution for users working in the TYPO3 area. And offers in-depth support in development, configuration, problem solving and content management.

What can the GPT do?

Unlike the normal configuration, tasks and questions such as

  • "Is there currently a TYPO3 code issue regarding editor permissions?"
  • "Create me a detailed report about what has changed in TYPO3 v13"
  • "Give me 3 sample questions that could appear on a TCCC exam"
  • "web: Check (including subpages) for accessibility"

can be answered very quickly. The AI accesses TYPO3 documentation (CoreApi, TCA, TypoScript, TSconfig, ViewHelper) and Github to obtain comprehensive information for a possible solution.

How can you use this?

In order to use GPTs, you need a Pro account with ChatGPT. If this is available, you can simply click on Explore GPTs and search for TYPO3. Once this has been integrated, you can integrate it again in the future by first writing "@typo3" in the chat input field. The configuration is then ready and you can ask questions in German or English (or another language).

All technical details for you:

1) Advanced internet research with WebPilot

TYPO3 Dev Assist uses WebPilot for specialized and advanced internet research to deliver precise and relevant information. WebPilot offers the following functions and usage options:

  • Targeted search with “web:” prefix: Users can start their queries with "web:" to conduct targeted searches that go beyond standard information sources.
  • Own Links: When a user provides a specific link, WebPilot uses it directly for research to provide tailored information.
  • Customizable language settings: Supports various language settings according to ISO 639-1 to focus searches on content in the desired language.
  • Iterative search: Performs autonomous and iterative searches, refining search queries based on previous results and user input to produce optimal answers.
2) LongContentWriter function

The LongContentWriter function is used when a request requires extensive processing, such as creating a detailed report, an in-depth analysis, or an in-depth article. This tool allows TYPO3 Dev Assist to generate content that goes beyond short answers or simple information queries.

3) Application criteria
  • Complex requests: For inquiries that require a detailed discussion or extensive information.
  • After completing the research: Once relevant information has been collected through WebPilot or directly provided links.
  • To create content: To generate comprehensive texts based on the information collected.
4) Direct access to GitHub information

TYPO3 Dev Assist allows direct access to GitHub to gain detailed insights into repositories, commit histories, issues and more. This provides users with a rich source of technical information and development resources.

5) GitHub Actions include:
  • GetRepositoryContent: Retrieval of specific files and documentation from repositories.
  • GetRepositoryCommits: Analysis of commit history to identify changes and developments.
  • GetRepositoryIssues: Insight into issues for insights into problems, discussions and solutions.
  • SearchRepositories and SearchIssues: Search for relevant repositories or issues that could provide additional information or solutions.
6) User-centered interaction and feedback

TYPO3 Dev Assist is designed for user-centered interaction and adapts its answers and search queries based on user feedback. This dynamic adaptability ensures that the information provided is continually improved and tailored to users' specific needs.

On our own behalf

In order for the GPT to improve, we depend on your feedback. If something can be improved, simply click on the arrow next to "TYPO3 Dev Assist" and select Report. You can use the contact form there. We are of course happy to receive all kinds of feedback.

And: If you like the GPT, we would be happy if you would rate it on ChatGPT.


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