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Cheat sheet: Our top websites and online tools for web development

Cheat sheet: Our top websites and online tools for web development

We asked our colleagues: Which tools and websites make your everyday work in and with the World Wide Web easier? From a flood of links in Slack, we came up with this cheat sheet with our favourite little helpers.


Accessibility – Test colour combinations with regard to different visual impairments – Test compatibility of frontend features with assistive technologies – Test accessibility & best practices directly on your website and – Check colour contrasts

accesible-color-matrix and – Generate accessible colour palettes – Crawl multiple pages and generate lighthouse reports


Website Performance – Various performance tests with extensive configuration options – Core Web Vitals Test with detailed guide for optimisation


Colour palettes and – Classic colour generators – Colour palettes following the Tinder principle

ColorBox – Generate colour gradations in the HSB colour space – Image-based generation according to keywords

Sass Color Generator – Colour gradations as calculated in SASS/SCSS – hand-curated color paletts best fitted for branding


CSS – Calculate CSS Box Shadows – Convert SCSS and SASS to CSS – Generate entire font stacks including fallbacks

google webfonts helper – Optimised integration of Google Fonts

flexbox playground – Interactive FlexBox Cheat Sheet

css cheat sheet – Practical overview of frequently used CSS instructions


TYPO3 – Get the TYPO3 version of a website via URL

Composer Helper – Generate Composer commands for TYPO3 extensions – Convert TYPO3 Fluid Tags to inline notation

Rector Update Guide – Automatically update old extensions with rector

TYPO3 Icons – Find icons in TYPO3 backend and render it via ViewHelper


HTTP Header – Generate HTTP headers – Check HTTP headers via URL


Structured data – Testing rich search results and content display variations on Google – Detailed explanation of structured data


Software & Technology Versions and – Check browser & mail compatibility for individual features – Check feature compatibility for the current browser – PHP Feature Support by Version


Backend Coding – Define cronjob schedules – Check Regular Expressions – Git code snippets for tricky situations – pretty much all API documentation – quickly create fancy SQL diagrams – POST and GET Test Server


Miscellaneous – Cheat sheet for various web applications – Template for code snippets – Calculate aspect ratios – View Google search queries and relations

svgomg – Reduce and optimise SVGs


Do you have more helpful links that make your everyday life in the web easier? We'd love to keep adding to this list - so just drop us a line on LinkedIn oder Twitter!


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