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Content Publisher 11 for TYPO3 V11

Content Publisher 11 for TYPO3 V11

We never spent so much time on a new release before. With the new Version Content Publisher Version 11, not only we support TYPO3 version 11, but have also achieved some great improvements in the overall layout. We also make big leaps in quality assurance. With the introduction of GrumPHP, every new commit is now checked for style and quality with phpcs, phpcsfixer, phpmd, phpstan and psalm. With the introduction of the tool we have adjusted over 2400 lines of code.

Multiple selection for publishing

In this new version we have not only made it compatible for TYPO3 v11, but also given a new feature to the Publish Files module, which got a completely new coat of paint in the Community Edition. This new feature is called "Publish Bag" and allows multiple selection of files for publishing. The new module fits much better to the look and feel of the Backend.

The filters for files have been updated. We added a search field to filter files by name. The status filters are now applied with immediate effect and are saved much faster in the user session.

Quality assurance & automated tests

We also did a lot for quality assurance. Now, the Content Publisher is tested automatically in a (currently private) CI pipeline with acceptance tests in addition to the existing unit and functional tests. These very elaborate browser-based tests run at least once a week with the latest version of the Content Publisher.

Bug fixes for Version 10

Beside the version 11 release, we also fixed bugs for Version 10. Read more about the new bug fix release 10.2.1 at GitHub.


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