E-Mail Marketing with LUXletter: Newsletter in TYPO3

E-Mail Marketing with LUXletter: Newsletter in TYPO3

As an optimal complement to the TYPO3 Marketing Automation Tool LUX and as a possible successor to the popular expansion "direct_mail" we have recently developed the extension for the TYPO3 community - including you - completely free of charge.

In just three steps you can create newsletters for your target group and customers. During the development of the extension, we focused on evaluation and performance analysis. Various dashboards help you with the evaluation.

A teaser plugin helps you to create your content only once centrally and then provide it multiple times.

Tip: To increase your click-through rate, you should only provide teaser texts in your newsletters. One click leads to your website with the full text. Your website then offers further marketing options.

A newsletter can easily be sent to frontend users and groups. In times of DSGVO, an unsubscribe plugin is of course already integrated.

By the way: If LUX is installed at the same time, you can evaluate further information about the newsletter recipients.

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