Every year again: Early Access Program 2024

Every year again: Early Access Program 2024

If you want to support us financially in the development of our open source extensions, the Early Access Program 2024 gives you early access to TYPO3 version 13 of our extensions such as Powermail, Femanger, Powermail Conditions, Powermail Recaptcha and more. With the EAP 2024 you can access our private GitHub repository before the official release in the TYPO3 Extension Repository (TER). There you will find the latest versions of our extensions that have been specially developed for the latest TYPO3 versions.

Sponsorship options

Your contribution as a sponsor is a one-off amount of € 317 (net) and is valid for the new calendar year 2024. Freelancers pay € 159 (net) and an additional € 15 if they decide to receive the code via Packagist. Non-profit organizations that are mainly financed by donations and are non-governmental receive free access.

Early bird advantage until the end of the year

If you register for the new EAP 2024 by December 31, 2023, you secure the old price conditions from 2023 - i.e. € 289 (net) or € 148 (net) as a freelancer.

What's next?

By December 31, 2023 at the latest, we will publish all EAP extensions as TYPO3 12-compatible versions in the TYPO3 Extension Repository (TER) and make them available to the community free of charge. From Q2 2024 we will then start with the updates for TYPO3 13. In parallel, we will also provide updates for older TYPO3 versions.

Your EAP 2024 benefits

  • Advance access to new versions of extensions (new maintenance releases and features)
  • Advance access to extensions for TYPO3 version 13 (extensions will be made compatible from Q2 2024)
  • Guaranteed processing of GitHub issues in the Pro repositories. Issues are answered, evaluated and, if necessary, scheduled for implementation.
  • Preferential processing of pull requests. A merge is not guaranteed. Features should be agreed in advance per issue, coding guidelines must be adhered to and tests must be successfully completed.


You can find a comprehensive overview of our EAP extensions and their development status on our website. There you can also register for the program.