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Femanager version 6.2

Femanager version 6.2

New Feature Rate Limiter

The new function secures the registration forms against misuse by default. If too many requests come from the same source, they will be blocked from now on. The following settings can be made in the extension:

plugin.tx_femanager.settings.ratelimiter { # Number of seconds for the sliding window rate limiter timeframe = {$plugin.tx_femanager.settings.ratelimiter.timeframe} # Request count. How many requests are allowed in the last <timeframe> seconds. Set to 0 to disable rate limiter. limit = {$plugin.tx_femanager.settings.ratelimiter.limit} }

The principle is as follows: The timeframe setting determines how often a form may be used within a session. The number is set via limit.

Special thanks to:

WiRo Energie&Konnex Consulting GmbH to sponsor the function RATE LIMITER


For this release, in2code invested four man-days for features, review and testing.


Our team is now working on open issues and pull requests from Github. Our goal is to close as many issues as possible in order to create a release for TYPO3 version 11.

Sponsoring / Professional Support / Feature REQUEST

We are happy to find sponsors who make the further development and maintenance of the extension possible. We also offer professional support for TYPO3 Extension Femanager.


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