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[GITHUB] Auto-release new TYPO3 extensions from github to TER

[GITHUB] Auto-release new TYPO3 extensions from github to TER

By the way, this works much easier than you might think:

1) First of all, you should login on and create some access token (API Token) to use the new REST API of to publish your extensions (see

2) After that you can add three secret tokens in your github repository (see for details):

TYPO3_API_USERNAME (your username for FE-login on
TYPO3_API_PASSWORD (your password for FE-login on
TYPO3_API_TOKEN (see 1 above)

Those secrets can be used as environment variable now.

3) Just add .github/workflows/ter-release.yml (see below) to your repository. Update line 13 and 14 with your configuration.

4) Done :)


name: TER release on: push: tags: - '*' jobs: ter-release: name: TER release runs-on: ubuntu-latest env: TYPO3_EXTENSION_KEY: 'lux' REPOSITORY_URL: '' TYPO3_API_TOKEN: ${{ secrets.TYPO3_API_TOKEN }} TYPO3_API_USERNAME: ${{ secrets.TYPO3_API_USERNAME }} TYPO3_API_PASSWORD: ${{ secrets.TYPO3_API_PASSWORD }} steps: - name: Get the version id: get_version run: echo ::set-output name=VERSION::${GITHUB_REF/refs\/tags\//} - name: Setup PHP uses: shivammathur/setup-php@v2 with: php-version: '7.4' extensions: intl, mbstring, xml, soap, zip, curl - name: Install EXT:tailor run: composer global require typo3/tailor --prefer-dist --no-progress --no-suggest - name: Upload EXT:${{ env.EXTENSION_KEY }} as ${{ steps.get_version.outputs.VERSION }} to TER run: php ~/.composer/vendor/bin/tailor ter:publish ${{ steps.get_version.outputs.VERSION }} --artefact=${{ env.REPOSITORY_URL }}/archive/${{ steps.get_version.outputs.VERSION }}.zip --comment="New release of version ${{ steps.get_version.outputs.VERSION }} - see details, changelog and documentation on ${{ env.REPOSITORY_URL }}"

Inspired from:

Used (e.g.) in extension lux:


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