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Hide backend modules in TYPO3

Hide backend modules in TYPO3

1. Via User TSConfig

Just got a smal hint from Julian via Twitter. You can easily disable the modules via User TSConfig:

options { # for TYPO3 <= 11 hideModules.nitsan = NsGalleryNsgallery # for TYPO3 >= 12 hideModules = nitsan_NsGalleryNsgallery }

2. Via PHP in ext_tables.php

In our example, we would like to hide the module of the calendarize extension because we don't need it, but otherwise find the extension quite good. A line in the ext_tables.php in our site package helps here:

$GLOBALS['TBE_MODULES']['web'] = str_replace(',CalendarizeCalendarize', '', $GLOBALS['TBE_MODULES']['web']);

Tip: In the TYPO3 backend module configuration you will find all registered modules and their names under TBE_MODULES


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