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in2publish Version 10.1 release

in2publish Version 10.1 release

With the new versions 10.1 of in2publish and in2publish_core exciting new features have been added to further develop of the CP. We are moving with big steps towards TYPO3 v11. Some of the bugfixes and changes can be made in the in2publish_core 10.x version, so we are implementing these changes in the current development.

After this release, the 11.x version will differ from the 10.x version because it contains UI changes that can only be made in TYPO v11.

The new versions were developed for TYPO3 version 10. If you are still using TYPO3 v9, you should consider a timely update. You can learn more about the last regular update for TYPO3 v9 here.


  • Refactored the Task API into a consolidated component with its own service config
    • Remove obsolete tasks from the task table after task execution
  • Add filters to filter redirects in the Publish Redirects module
  • Add admin tool to compare the local and foreign database on a simple row-based level

Besides new features, some bugs were also fixed

  • Defer initialization of the TcaProcessingService to be able to log errors
  • Fixed root path detection in the script that runs the automated tests, so it works on darwin hosts, too.
  • Fixed the highlighting of the currently selected tools module in the Publish Tools Module
  • Allow the SysRedirect siteID to be null (this error was not visible, though)
  • Identify all fields which identify MM Records and use these fields as array indices (Otherwise, MM records with identical uid_local/uid_foreign values always overwrite each other)
  • More type juggling. Converts identifiers to int.
  • Split the service configuration of features into separate files to disable the logs integration when EXT:logs is not present



  • Added a compare module to compare pages in the backend
  • The tools are now registered using the new tools API


  • Discard sys_language as source for allowed languages and use the page tree's site configuration instead
  • Do not break the initialization of the WorkflowPublishingNotificationController to allow that pending notifications can still be be sent.
  • Use the new TaskExecutionService API to run tasks


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