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 in2publish Version 10.2: SimpleOverviewAndAjax + SimplePublishing = SimplifiedOverviewAndPublishing

in2publish Version 10.2: SimpleOverviewAndAjax + SimplePublishing = SimplifiedOverviewAndPublishing

With the new versions 10.2 of in2publish and in2publish_core we have moved a feature from the Enterprise version to the ore version.

The new versions were developed for TYPO3 version 10. If you are still using TYPO3 v9, you should consider a timely update. You can learn more about the last regular update for TYPO3 v9 here. After this release, the 11.x version will differ from the 10.x version because it contains UI changes that can only be made in TYPO v11.


in2publish_core (Community Edition) had a feature called "SimpleOverviewAndAjax", which replaced the full fledged comparison by a shallow page scan. With that feature enabled, the Publish Overview Module loads faster, but does not show all changes anymore. The publishing however, does build the complete record tree, so nothing will be missed when publishing a page.
The Enterprise Version includes a feature that builds on top on SimpleOverviewAndAjax which is called "SimplePublishing". Simple Publishing hooks into the publishing process and instead of building the complete record tree, it takes the page record built by SimpleOverviewAndAjax and attaches all records to the page record (and resolves some MM records attached to those content records).

The division into two features in two extensions makes configuration complicated and testing time-consuming.
Furthermore, both features are not optimally implemented and leave much room for improvement.
We decided to merge both features and give an enterprise edition feature to the community. The new feature is called SimplifiedOverviewAndPublishing.
This feature, when activated, replaces the normal process of assembling the record tree. This means that like SimpleOverviewAndAjax, the view in Publisher Overview will load faster, but unlike the previous feature, all elements and MM records are already included in the view. Loading the details of a page is no longer necessary.

When publishing, unlike SimplePublishing, the record tree is not extended by any records, but the same record tree is published that is also visible in the publish overview module. this means that there are no more surprises when publishing.
The performance gain of this feature ranges from a few seconds to minutes, depending on the page and page tree size. Most tests have shown that this feature represents a 10-fold speedup compared to the original and an 8-fold speedup compared to the old features.

You can enable this feature by replacing the default record finder as documented here.

In case you use one of the old features, an automatic configuration migration enables the feature. The Publish Tools Tests tell you if a migration tool place.



The SimplePublish feature was replace by the SimplifiedOverviewAndPublishing feature in the community edition.


Fixed a problem where fal_securedownload permissions were not published
workflow.permissionPublish will now be ignored when workflows are not active


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