KSÖ Security Forum: KPMG presents results on cybercrime

KSÖ Security Forum: KPMG presents results on cybercrime

The event began with a warm welcome from Domink Engel, Managing Director of the Salzburg University of Applied Sciences, Gerhard Jöchtl, Head of the IT Department, and Madleine Koch, Head of Science and Innovation Ecosystem at Innovation Salzburg. Then Robert Lamprecht, Director at KPMG, presented the study results, which highlighted the challenges and importance of increased cooperation in the fight against cybercrime.

Well-known speakers such as Caroline Schmidt from the Federal Ministry of the Interior and Christina Schindlauer from the Directorate for State Security and Intelligence gave inspiring keynote speeches. In addition, the new master's degree "Cyber Security" at the Salzburg University of Applied Sciences was presented, which trains highly qualified specialists to master the challenges of the cyber world.

in2code GmbH was represented at the event by its CTO Martin Huber and the project manager Sandra Pohl. Their participation allowed them to gain valuable first-hand insights, learn from the experiences of other companies and keep up with the latest developments in cybersecurity.

The event ended with a discussion and question and answer session moderated by Thomas Heistracher. The participants had the opportunity to ask their questions and exchange ideas. The networking that followed provided a relaxed atmosphere in which valuable contacts were made and possible cooperation in the field of cyber security was explored.

With this event, the KSÖ Security Forum Digital Economy and KPMG made an important contribution to raising awareness of the importance of cyber security and emphasized the need for increased cooperation between companies, government and educational institutions.