LUX/LUXenterprise/LUXletter: Multiclient feature meets UX upgrade

LUX/LUXenterprise/LUXletter: Multiclient feature meets UX upgrade

Overview of new functions

The introduction of multi-tenancy represents a significant step forward for managing multiple sites within a single TYPO3 instance. Users can now create separate analysis areas in "LUX" for each site, allowing editors to only act within the limits permitted by data protection law, while administrators retain comprehensive access. In the area of email marketing, "LUXletter" now makes it possible to run campaigns per site without having to worry about overlaps - an important step for efficiency and clarity in campaign management.

Improvements in backend views and performance

The latest updates bring not only content-related improvements, but also visual and performance improvements. The backend views of the extensions have been unified, significantly improving the user experience and reducing learning time. In addition, the performance of the extensions has been optimized, resulting in faster loading times and smoother interaction.

Technical notes and breaking changes

It is important to mention that with these updates there are also some breaking changes. We recommend checking the changelogs carefully to ensure that your current installation is compatible and to take advantage of the new features. The detailed information can be found here for LUX/LUXenterprise and LUXletter.

In summary, these updates mark a milestone in the development of LUX extensions. We invite all TYPO3 administrators and marketing managers to update their systems and explore the new possibilities. If you have any questions or would like further support, we are happy to assist you.