Marketing Automation Tip 2: Create landing pages quickly

Marketing Automation Tip 2: Create landing pages quickly

We recently set up a campaign ourselves ( to advertise the work of our server team with the help of Google Ads. In order to keep time-to-market as short as possible and because we weren't sure how much this promotion would bring us at the end of the day, we downloaded a finished HTML template and integrated it into the existing page. Fortunately, there are many providers with freely available HTML and CSS templates (for example:, or In addition, quickly register a new domain, exchange logo and add contact details in the footer and after 2-3 hours of work the new website is ready.

In addition to a central call-to-action contact form, helpful white papers should also be offered for download, which were previously used on the main page.

In view of the low effort, the output of our new landing page is really impressive:

Workflow: Listen to form submits

The form is not a TYPO3 form element, nor is it a plug-in like Powermail. For the sake of simplicity, we left the static HTML markup as it is - also to avoid having to change the design. With the help of your own workflow, you can still pay attention to form entries. A separate trigger listens to form submits from visitors on the landing page:

When the visitor submits the static form, three things should happen:

  1. Notify sales in the appropriate Slack channel
  2. Hide the form
  3. Show a success message after submit

Listen to whitepaper downloads

Of course, it can be argued whether just 1 call-to-action on a landing page would be better, but we have decided to offer interesting whitepapers for download. And here, too, we would like to notify sales with the email address of the lead. If desired, this can be followed up directly. Workflow actions and triggers are very easy to set up here:

Thanks to LUX's multi-domain capability, visitors can now be tracked across different domains. And of course, the analysis module can be used to filter by time period and domain in order to evaluate the performance of the marketing campaign.

Tip: If you don't want to follow up manually, you can also add another action that emails the lead and offers further help with questions.