Marketing Automation Tip 5: Notify Leads

Marketing Automation Tip 5: Notify Leads

Often only the icing on the cake is missing so that there is a conversion on a website. LUX and LUXenterprise already offer two different ways of interacting directly with the visitor.

Modern: Push Notifications

In the following example we have chosen a very simple trigger. After visiting the same page for the second time, a phew notification should appear in the browser. Here is a request for help. A click on the notification can then, for example, lead to another page with a contact form with a callback request.

Alternatively, a trigger that is set to the scoring of the visitor would also be available. If a visitor has a particularly high score in a certain product category, you can specifically address this product in the actual message.

Classic: Notification via Email

The classic should of course not be missing: notification by email. Alternatively, in the Enterprise version, LUX also offers an action that triggers an e-mail. Similar to push notification, the lead can also be addressed directly here, but in an asynchronous way.

Do you have any further questions about marketing or marketing automation in TYPO3? I am happy to help you in an uncomplicated manner.