Optimize your marketing strategy with the WiredMinds integration in LUX

Optimize your marketing strategy with the WiredMinds integration in LUX

The partnership between in2code and WiredMinds offers you the perfect solution to take your marketing with TYPO3 to a new level. With the integration of the WiredMinds interface in LUX, the powerful marketing automation product from in2code, you open up completely new possibilities.

In this article you will learn how you can automatically read valuable information about the companies of your website visitors and how you can use the additional extension LUXenterprise to create individual workflows in order to adapt the content of your website to the information of the WiredMinds interface.

1) Automatic reading of company information

Thanks to the WiredMinds integration in LUX, you can automatically read information such as revenue, size, branch, contact address or domain of the visiting companies on your website. This valuable information offers you a unique opportunity to tailor your marketing strategies to the needs of your target group.

By knowing the characteristics of the visiting companies, you can customize your content, offers and communication, thereby achieving greater relevance and personalization.

2) Individual workflows and targeted content

With the additional extension LUXenterprise, you have the option of creating individual workflows that adapt the content of your site based on the information from the WiredMinds interface. You can address your visitors from different industries in completely different ways and deliver tailor-made content.

Imagine if you could address visitors from the insurance industry differently than visitors from the IT industry. You could even display different prices depending on the size or turnover of the visiting companies. With this personalized approach, you create greater relevance and increase the chances of conversions.

3) Branch-specific white papers and customized offerings

The integration of the WiredMinds IP2Content interface in LUX enables you to offer special white papers tailored to the respective industry. Based on the information from the visiting companies, you can provide branch-specific content and highlight your expertise in the relevant areas.

In addition, you can create tailor-made offers that meet the individual needs of the visiting companies. This increases the likelihood of a positive response and promotes business relationships.

4) Perfect for B2B and GDPR compliance

The WiredMinds IP2Content integration in LUX is particularly valuable for companies in the B2B sector. It enables you to optimize your B2B communication in a targeted manner and to address your customers in a targeted manner.

In addition, the implementation of the integration is completely GDPR-compliant. Privacy and compliance are top priorities for in2code and WiredMinds, so you don't have to worry about legal issues.


The WiredMinds IP2Content integration in LUX opens up new possibilities for you as a marketing employee to address your target group in a targeted manner and to provide personalized content. Automatic reading of company information, individual workflows, industry-specific white papers and tailor-made offers are just a few of the benefits this powerful integration offers you.

Implement your marketing strategies successfully and increase the relevance of your content for successful B2B marketing. Use the WiredMinds IP2Content integration in LUX and discover the full potential of your marketing activities.