Our quality promise - safety and standards at the highest level

Our quality promise - safety and standards at the highest level

The technical basis - stability right from the start

Sophisticated server infrastructure

Our server landscape is the backbone of our projects and consists of four appropriately equipped servers:

  1. Develop: This is where ideas are born. Our developers write and test new codes in a secure environment.
  2. Preview: This server enables us to present new TYPO3 features before the official release and to collect valuable feedback.
  3. Release: This is where the final acceptance of new versions takes place.
  4. Live: The production server on which the finished TYPO3 website runs and is accessible.

Local development and Docker

However, the real magic begins even before the code lands on one of these servers. To ensure consistency between development and production, we rely on Docker environments that correspond exactly to our live servers. This allows our developers to work locally and even offline if required. This ensures quality right from the start.

Automation through continuous integration

Using GitLab CI/CD (Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery) and automated pipelines, we regularly integrate and test the new features of our TYPO3 projects. This helps us to seamlessly update and improve the software and detect errors at an early stage.

Infrastructure that grows with you

Our infrastructure is not only stable, but also flexible and scalable. The "infrastructure as code" approach helps here - entire servers can be created quickly and reproducibly and adapted to growing requirements.

Our workflow - reaching the goal together

Collaborative working and versioning

We use Git together with the Git Flow workflow so that our teams can work efficiently on different aspects of TYPO3 projects without getting in each other's way. Semantic versioning makes it easier for us and our clients to keep track of the TYPO3 extensions and PHP packages used and the entire project.

Comprehensive testing

Cross-browser compatibility, accessibility and performance are just some of the areas in which we aim to be not just good, but excellent. Our experts are constantly working to create the best possible experience for all users. For us, quality also means thorough testing:

  • Automated tests: these include unit tests, integration tests, visual regression tests and behavior tests, for example.
  • Manual tests: Smoke tests, A/B tests, usability tests and personas are part of our manual tests.
  • Cross-browser testing: We ensure that our applications run flawlessly on all common browsers and devices.
  • Accessibility and security: Accessibility tests by BITV experts and regular security tests are standard.
  • Performance optimization: We regularly check and optimize the performance (e.g. loading times) of all projects we manage.

Customer acceptance - the touchstone

Our work does not end with the final code commit. Even before acceptance by the customer takes place, our quality managers take care of a critical assessment of their own work. We make sure that our software is not only technically flawless, but also meets the expectations and needs of our customers.

Digital manuals and TYPO3 test page trees

We also understand quality to mean the provision of digital manuals and detailed TYPO3 test page trees. These allow our customers to check all aspects of the website before publication or even use pages or parts of them as a template for copying.

Involvement and feedback

We always keep the dialog with our customers transparent and integrate their feedback directly into the further development of the projects. This iterative process is essential to deliver results that are not only technically flawless, but also meet the exact needs of our clients and their users.


At in2code, quality in software development is more than just a promise - it is a lived practice. Working with TYPO3 requires a precise technical environment and a deep understanding of the content management system. We combine technical expertise with a strong focus on quality and customer satisfaction. Our processes are designed to deliver the highest quality TYPO3 projects that not only work, but delight. Through our proven methodology and continuous improvement of our techniques and processes, we don't just build websites - we create sustainable value for our clients.