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[Powermail] Update from version 2.x to a newer one

[Powermail] Update from version 2.x to a newer one

create table tx_powermail_domain_model_form LIKE tx_powermail_domain_model_forms; insert tx_powermail_domain_model_form select * from tx_powermail_domain_model_forms; create table tx_powermail_domain_model_page LIKE tx_powermail_domain_model_pages; insert tx_powermail_domain_model_page select * from tx_powermail_domain_model_pages; create table tx_powermail_domain_model_field LIKE tx_powermail_domain_model_fields; insert tx_powermail_domain_model_field select * from tx_powermail_domain_model_fields; create table tx_powermail_domain_model_mail LIKE tx_powermail_domain_model_mails; insert tx_powermail_domain_model_mail select * from tx_powermail_domain_model_mails; create table tx_powermail_domain_model_answer LIKE tx_powermail_domain_model_answers; insert tx_powermail_domain_model_answer select * from tx_powermail_domain_model_answers;


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