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Powermail Version 9 for TYPO3 V11 released

Powermail Version 9 for TYPO3 V11 released

With the Relaese 9 of Powermail supports the new TYPO3 Version 11 and PHP 8. Many thanks especially to Georg Ringer for the Contribution. Thanks also to the many sponsors of the Early Access Program.. The new version is published as always in the TER and at packagist.

The new version has received some exciting new features in addition to the update:

IP Address Resolution

With Powermail the storage of IP addresses is already adjustable since V6. In addition, it is possible to resolve the IP addresses through the interface to This provides additional information about the form requests. This feature can now be set variably via the configuration. More information about IP address resolution with Powermail and the settings for the feature can be found here.

Automated testing

With the local dev environment, all developers are now working from a common base. This local development environment helps contributors to quickly have a standardized environment available. On this basis, acceptance tests can be executed automatically. In addition, the new screenshort feature for acceptance tests offers the possibility to quickly detect errors in these automated tests and thus facilitates debugging.


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