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The last regular in2publish releases with TYPO3 v9 support

The last regular in2publish releases with TYPO3 v9 support

in2publish_core 9.5.1 TSconfig markers in FlexForms

TSconfig markers in FlexForms foreign_table_where clauses are now supported.
Exceptions which arise from invalid foreign database credentials will be caught before leaving the system in an unusable state.
Some FAL drivers do not meticulously replicate the default driver's behavior which led to errors during publishing. in2publish_core is now less picky about the return values of those drivers.

in2publish 9.3.2 Loose dependency on EXT:dashboard

The previous release had a hardcoded but undefined dependency on EXT:dashboard, which resulted in an error when EXT:dashboard was not installed, leaving the system in an unusable state. The dependency was made conditional, depending on the actual presence of EXT:dashboard.

Release in2publish_http 6.0.1

This release contains improvements to the documentation and developer tools.
It sets a missing composer dependency to ext-curl and increases overall code quality.
The service configuration has been cleaned of a non-existent folder, which might lead to issues, and an additional encoding, which prevents errors when a file is transferred.

Please consider
TYPO3 v9 support has ended. The next major releases will require TYPO3 v10.


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