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TYPO3: Manually update SOLR index in PHP?

TYPO3: Manually update SOLR index in PHP?

In the first step we delete an existing entry in the SOLR index using the table name and the identifier:

// Delete SOLR entry $garbageCollector = GeneralUtility::makeInstance(GarbageHandler::class); $garbageCollector->collectGarbage('tx_ext_domain_model_product', $product->getUid());

After the import, we can create a new entry in the index queue table of the SOLR extension:

// Add to queue $queryBuilder = DatabaseUtility::getQueryBuilderForTable('tx_solr_indexqueue_item'); $queryBuilder ->insert('tx_solr_indexqueue_item') ->values([ 'root' => 1, 'item_type' => 'tx_ext_domain_model_product', 'item_uid' => $product->getUid(), 'indexing_configuration' => 'products', 'changed' => time(), 'errors' => '', ]) ->execute();

Explanation: root => PID of site-config, item_type: table name, item_uid: record identifier, indexing_configuration: name of indexconfiguration (see TypoScript)

Note: If you're wondering why we enter the data directly into the table and don't use a ready-made function from the SOLR extension: There is the add() function in the class \ApacheSolrForTypo3\Solr\Domain\Index\Queue\QueueItemRepository, here. However, there is a note that this is only there for internal purposes and should not be used from outside.


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