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[TYPO3] rsync commands you should know

[TYPO3] rsync commands you should know

General construction of the command rsync in unix systems: Command Source Target

# Options r=recursive z=zipped v=verbose rsync -rzv --no-perms fileadmin/ user@host:/var/www/site/public/fileadmin/
# Max file size 1.5MB and ignore fileadmin/_processed_/ folders and files rsync -rzv --no-perms user@host:/var/www/site/public/fileadmin/ fileadmin/ --max-size=1.5m --exclude=_processed_
# Use only defined file extensions rsync -rzv --no-perms . user@host:/var/www/powermail/ --max-size=0.8m --include="*.jpg" --include="*.png"

Happy syncing


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