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Successful websites reach a great number of people. As a TYPO3 expert team, we take care of your web project individually, from technical aspects to Online Marketing. We provide advice and sustainable solutions. Reach the users where they are looking for you with our SEO services: At the front of the Google search results pages. You benefit from excellent technical know-how and many years of experience. We do not just rely on TYPO3 SEO but also offer workshops and SEO audits. We work together with you to create the most suitable solutions.

SEO Report

Have your website tested. We will send you a free SEO report covering several pages as a start for your website strategy. Get an independent second opinion with the four-eyes principle.


SEO Audit

The comprehensive SEO audit shows you all potentials and challenges with practical decision-making support for your management. Our Analysis gives incentives for a future-proof online marketing strategy with cost and benefit estimates. We work with you in a planning meeting to develop the relevant Key Performance Indicators and define goals. We then use a wide range of analysis tools to evaluate all your websites and present the results in an easy-to-understand format. You will receive all reports, documents and presentations in your company CI and can use them for presentation to the management and for public relations purposes.


No SEO works without concrete goals

Every successful partnership starts with a survey and the definition of the resulting goals and a description of the concrete activities and required measures.


We offer SEO support and consulting in addition to our technical support in the well-known quality. No matter if you need a lot or little support, with us your time budget can be set flexibly and steplessly. Should you not use up all of your budget in one month, the hours will of course remain the same. We transfer the time to your personal hourly account and you can simply use the saved time over the next months.

skalableOur support agreements start at 5 hours / month and grow scalable with your needs. We monitor your domains and keywordset and actively notify you in case of relevant events. You will also receive monthly reports on the development of rankings, keyword performance and other KPIs according to your individual needs.

You benefit from regular SEO optimization and continuous improvement of visibility. You also have a direct contact person for all questions regarding SEO and online marketing.

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