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TYPO3 Update

The larger and more complex a TYPO3 website is, the more complicated and time-consuming the TYPO3 update to a newer version becomes. A structured and professional approach to your web applications and websites is particularly important. Here we rely on years of experience in the field of upgrades and migration in larger projects. Thus, well-known clients such as DRÄXLMAIER Group, University of Tübingen or the University of Karlsruhe have and still are trusting our work with their complex update projects.

Our focus is both on high quality, which guarantees you budget and planning security in the long term, and on the most trouble-free operation of your application for all website visitors and editors. Technical and also editorial debts will be reduced at every opportunity, so that a sustainable maintainability is guaranteed.

Structured approach

We divide each migration project into 12 steps (starting with the effort estimation up to the rollout - see slides on TYPO3 upgrades in complex projects). We guarantee the best possible migration result with ideal planning reliability.
An important part of every update project is the migration tree. This is a page tree in the TYPO3 backend, which is filled with all kinds of page content, text markup and extensions. The result of the automatic migration can be seen at any time on these page contents.

Parallel operation

For each major update, we recommend preparing the new configuration and software on a second server. Besides the changed requirements of the new TYPO3 version (e.g. PHP, MySQL and Apache), which the server has to meet, there are also practical advantages of a split. On the second server, in addition to an automatic migration, an additional manual migration can be carried out by the contractor before and after.


If there is a large number of extensions in addition to the TYPO3 update, their data must usually also be migrated to a new extension (e.g. when changing technology from TemplaVoila to Gridelements). For the migration our developers proceed in four steps: Adaptation/reworking of the migration script, migration, control and reset. These four steps are repeated until the result is ideal and presentable.

Choosing the right TYPO3 version

Many administrators opt for a so-called "double jump". Here, the support period of a TYPO3 LTS version (Long Term Support) is fully used, and then the next but one LTS version is used. Let us advise you whether the current LTS or already the upcoming version is the right one for your requirements.

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Every step of a TYPO3 migration is recorded in a migration log. This ensures that if a migration is worked out several times, everything is neatly structured and executed identically. It also ensures a smooth handover to another developer or agency in the event of a change.

Tip: Insist on viewing the migration log in the case of a complex update!

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