Marketing Automation Tip 4: Show relevant content

Marketing Automation Tip 4: Show relevant content

According to the AIDA principle (Attention, Interest, Desire and Action), the website plays a decisive role in this. We therefore don't want to play general content, but rather interesting content.

So it makes perfect sense to offer a visitor who has already viewed a certain product an interesting white paper to download on the homepage the next time they visit the website. If he then comes back to the product page, there may be a time-limited offer with a discount for this.

Opening of a popup

In the following example we let a popup appear on the product page after 2 seconds. However, this is only from the second visit of a lead on this page. This could be a page content with a download link to a whitepaper about the product. We have already described in more detail in our tip 2 how to identify a visitor with a download.

Show content

In the second example we want to reload special page content. But only if the visitor has achieved a certain scoring in a category. Category scoring builds up - depending on the configuration in your Marketing Automation Tool - by visiting pages or downloading special documents.

TYPO3 Plugin: Contextual Content

Setting up workflows is too complicated for you? The Enterprise version of LUX also offers a plug-in that automatically provides the most suitable content. The editors could create a general page content and a document download for each LUX category. The plugin then automatically selects the most suitable content depending on the visitor's category scoring.

Do you have your own wishes for your website that you would like to implement with a tool like LUX, but you are not sure whether this is possible? Just write me a short message. I help you with pleasure.