Early Access Program 2024 TYPO3 13 and support

Early access to the latest versions of our TYPO3 extensions

The Early Access Program offers early access to the latest versions of our extensions to those who want to support us financially in the development of our open source extensions. These include Powermail, Femanger, Powermail Conditions and Powermail Recaptcha as well as other extensions for TYPO3.

With the Early Access Program 2024, you get exclusive access to our GitHub repository for the new calendar year 2024, making the latest TYPO3 versions of our extensions available to you even before the public release.

As a sponsor, you support us with a one-off contribution of €317 (net). Freelancers pay € 159 (net) and an additional € 15 if they choose to receive the code via Packagist. Non-profit organizations that are predominantly funded by donations and are non-governmental receive free access. For freelancers and non-profit organizations, we reserve the right to request proof.


Transparency and outlook

From Q2 2024 we will then start developing our extensions for TYPO3 13. Our extensions for TYPO3 13 will be made freely available no later than 9 months after the release of version 13 LTS. This is currently planned for mid-2025. Our EAP customers will receive all developments for TYPO3 13 in advance, as well as feature and bugfix releases for older versions.


  • Support for the latest TYPO3 versions
  • New maintenance releases and functions
  • Early support for newer PHP versions
  • Guaranteed processing of Github issues in the Pro repositories
  • Priority processing of pull requests
  • Early release of bug fixes
  • Prioritised issue tracker

A complete overview of the compatibility of our extensions with the latest TYPO3 versions can be found here:

Extension Description in EAP v12 compatible

v13 compatible

in TER v13
femanager Frontend User Management svg svg planned for Q2-2024  
in2faq Lean FAQ Extension svg svg planned for Q2-2024  
in2frontendauthentication Authentication of frontend user via IP address svg planned

planned for Q3-2024

in2help Provides a backend help module to display each page of the frontend in the backend. So you can use this module as an entry point for editor documentation. svg svg planned for Q2-2024  
in2publish_core in2code develops the extension on the basis of support agreements svg svg planned for Q3-2024  
in2responsible Backend display of which editor is responsible for which area svg planned planned for Q3-2024  
instagram Display of Instagram feeds in TYPO3 svg svg planned for Q3-2024  
invisiblerecaptcha Google invisible recaptcha extension for powermail svg planned planned for Q3-2024  
ipandlanguageredirect Voice or IP based redirects to domains / pages svg in development planned for Q232024  
luxletter Newsletter Extension for TYPO3 svg svg planned for Q3-2024  
migration Complicated migrations or import and export of large page trees in TYPO3 svg svg planned for Q3-2024  
osm Insert Open Street Map maps svg svg planned for Q2-2024  
powermail Versatile form generator svg svg planned for Q2-2024  
powermail_cond Dynamic Powermail forms svg svg planned for Q2-2024  
powermailrecaptcha Google recaptcha extension for powermail svg svg planned for Q2-2024  
publications Publications can be presented in uniform formats (e.g. IEEE). XML and Bibtex files can be imported by editors.. svg svg planned for Q2-2024  
t3am Single Sign On for the TYPO3 Backend svg svg planned for Q2-2024  

Register for our Early Access Program 2024

To participate in the EAP, we need your contact information, billing address, contribution amount, and the GitHub user who should receive access to the extensions repositories.

Minimum contributions by groups:
- € 317,- net - sponsor
- € 159,- net - Freelancer
- € 0,- free of charge - non-profit organization
- Or higher individual amount for good karma and social media mention
personal Information
I would like to support the development with €.
Stefan Busemann

Let me help you out

Hello, my name is Stefan Busemann and as managing director and customer consultant for TYPO3 projects I am happy to take care of your request personally. I am looking forward to your call or your message.

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