Requirement analysis

There is only one goal in needs analysis: identifying problems and turning them into opportunities. For this we will develop individual solutions with the client's project team together.


A good analysis is the base for a successful project. In close cooperation with the customer and his project team, we create a well thought-out concept. The time invested in this framework could not be better used.


We will create an individual design based on the customer's project and its requirements.
The client becomes a prototype at a very early stage, which allows him to “play” on his computer, tablet or smartphone.


During the Development, Ideas and findings from previous projects will be involved.
All our techniques and guidelines have one purpose:
increase the quality and scalability for a sustainable project.


To be throughly concentrate on your project, we offer you comprehensive infrastructure services. Whether at your place or in our data center.


Distribute a specific software version to one or more servers with one touch. With a well-thought-out deployment, optimized for the respective project, we enable the project managers to do so for zero-downtime As perfect partner deployments and automated test, failures are a thing of the past.


We turn the employees of our clients into TYPO3 specialists. In individual workshops we help to train their specialists. It does not matter if the training is in-house, in Rosenheim or remotely (for example Skype) - you decide the topic.


The requirements for web sites often change daily or weekly. We are happy to support you with special customized Support. With a Support agreement, we guarantee a personal contact who knows the project and advises the client, as well as fast response times.

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Wir leben TYPO3

What makes the Difference


22 professionals at one location - each specialized in his field -  to help realize your requirements. Our long-term experience in TYPO3 is reflected in the large number of exposable TYPO3 extensions. Among our professionals there are 6 certified integrators and developers. And the focus remains on just one system: TYPO3.


in2code offers a wide range of services around TYPO3. In addition to conception, design, programming and quality assurance, we also provide support, training and server support. There is no outsourcing with us - every product from our house is Made in Germany.


In addition to our commitment as a Platinum Member, in2code actively supports the success of TYPO3. Thus, Stefan Busemann, as part of the TYPO3 board, faces the administrative and controlling tasks of the TYPO3 Association. In addition, some of our developers support the further development of TYPO3 directly and indirectly.


Numerous TYPO3 events are supported by in2code and its employees - in addition to participation as a visitor or speaker, among other things, as a sponsor and organizer of events such as the TYPO3 Conference, TYPO3camp Munich, Munich TYPO3 Usergroup and others.

We Live TYPO3

We would like to explain to you Why this sentence is really lived by us.

Of course we make our money with TYPO3, but that's not the only reason why TYPO3 is so important to us. With regard to the open-source idea, we are pleased to support TYPO3 in various areas and can ensure that we have enough to do.

More than 50 developed, freely available extensions can be found in the TYPO3 TER. These include some well-known and popular extensions like Powermail, but of course some of the legacies that accumulate when you've been here for so long.

The in2code GmbH

As a service provider for TYPO3 projects in the enterprise, SMB and university sector, we understand agile project development from analysis to conception to development and implementation. Benefit from our many years of experience with TYPO3 projects of different sizes and different challenges.

Our focus is on the technical implementation of complex requirements on the web - regardless of whether web services, portal and migration solutions or internet presentations for desktop or mobile devices.


Can I Help you?

My Name is Stefan Busemann and as the managing director and customer consultant for TYPO3 Projects, I personally would like to take care  of your concerns. I am looking forward to get contacted from you.