TYPO3 Support tailor-made for you

Why we love support

A long-term and continuous cooperation is an essential success factor for in2code and especially for successful customer projects. We are not afraid to take responsibility for existing projects and can look back on a large number of references. Every project has its own challenges. Let us master them together.

Many different areas

Support contracts form the basis for the provision of capacities and resources. It is thus possible for us to be able to plan and guarantee you support in various areas related to TYPO3.

We are happy to offer our help in the following areas:

  • Maintenance, further and new developments of your website or software
  • Server maintenance
  • Design and conception
  • Marketing
  • Training
  • Editorial support
  • and what else makes your life easier

Project management suitable for your project

To record tasks, we provide a ticket system in which you can check the progress of individual requests and the time spent at any time.

In addition, you have the possibility to accelerate the processing of individual topics for the current processing period (sprint) and to put other topics on hold.

Depending on your project, we offer various project management and sprint methods in order to realize the optimal workflow for you. Every project is different and so there are different suitable or unsuitable project management methods for every project. Depending on the customer and requirements, we plan the appropriate procedure for a successful cooperation together with you.

Personal contact person

Our support customers for TYPO3 have a personal contact person together with a permanent team of developers at their disposal, who know the project exactly and can help directly and unbureaucratically.


No matter whether you want to book a lot or a few hours, with us your time budget can be flexibly and continuously determined. Should you not use up all the time in your budget in one month, the hours will of course not be lost. We transfer the time to your personal hour account and you can simply use the saved time over the next few months.

Small to large
Our support agreements start with our smallest customer with 3 hours / month and grow to our largest customer with 400 hours / month.


You determine the priority level of your requests and thus plan the processing speed yourself. Depending on the priority (immediate, high, normal) we guarantee a correspondingly fast response time, even within a few hours.

Set priorities

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With a support contract we also offer you the possibility to monitor the website with TYPO3 Caretaker and ICINGA:

  • Accessibility of the website
  • Productive settings
  • TYPO3 security updates
  • Extension security updates
  • Manipulation of core files

Problems are detected immediately. If the website is actually unavailable, those responsible are alerted directly. Also with security updates for TYPO3 and installed extensions we react immediately and without request.

We love

Sandra Pohl

Projects and products in the TYPO3 area?

Do you have questions about TYPO3 projects and products?

Our Professional Scrum-Master and Product-Owner Sandra Pohl will be happy to help you.

Sandra Pohl  |  Product Owner & Project Manager