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LUX - Marketing Automation for TYPO3

Marketing Automation is intelligent analysis software for the identification of website visitors, for lead generation and lead development (Nurturing). For your company, using such a tool means support for marketing and sales through automation and lead generation.

Are you already rely on TYPO3? LUX - the Marketing Automation Tool for TYPO3 helps you and your marketing to analyse and identify visitors and develop leads with just a few clicks in the TYPO3 Backend. Finally use TYPO3 as the most important source for your leads and get a return on investment.


Lead development in TYPO3

Record the development of leads at a glance - in the dashboard of the LUX analysis module. Track the scoring of individual leads over the past weeks and make important decisions to influence the behaviour of the website visitor.

Individual Workflows

A separate module in the TYPO3 Backend allows individual workflows to be easily clicked together in just 3 steps. Thus, for example, actions such as opening a newsletter popup for the visitor can be activated from a certain scoring. Many other triggers and actions are available for you to choose from.
Note: The workflow is part of the Enterprise Edition

Lead scoring as a basis

Determine the calculation of the lead scoring or rely on our experience. By means of a scoring you can capture "hot" leads at a glance or use it as a starting point for individual workflows and actions.

What makes LUX better?

  • LUX does not set any cookies (no cookie banner)
  • The data of your visitors remain with you
  • Besides TYPO3 no other software is needed
  • LUXletter as a perfect complement with e-mail marketing
  • LUXis Open Source

Visible return on investment in TYPO3

"Up to now our TYPO3 served as a better brochure on the internet. With a marketing automation tool we get a visible value of our website. Our marketing must now be measured by the number of Sales Accepted Leads (SAL)".

LUX - Marketing Automation for TYPO3

Our LUX Partners

Our LUX partners are very familiar with the functional use of LUX in the TYPO3 environment.

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The advantages of LUX


Identify website visitors

Identify your website visitors either by exchanging interesting assets and white papers for their email address or by entering form data.

Analysis in TYPO3

Record the most important analysis data directly in TYPO3. A dashboard shows the most important developments at a glance. More detailed analyses about content or visitors are possible with a few clicks.

Nurturing leads

LUX allows the management of individual workflows. Develop your leads with the appropriate content and assets (such as white papers).

Data self-determination

You do not entrust your data to a third party system, but manage it yourself in your own country and without fear of loss through hacks of their web services.

LUX - Marketing Automation

LUX is closer to our CMS

"We already had another marketing automation tool in use. However, using it fell asleep with us - LUX is simply closer to our CMS"

Features & Pricelist

LUX Marketing AutomationCommunity EditionEnterprise Edition
Visitor identificationCKEditor plugin "email4link", tracking of field input (any form), tracking of whole forms (any form)CKEditor plugin "email4link", tracking of field input (any form), tracking of whole forms (any form)
Visitor TrackingPages, site visits, asset downloads, utm parameter, actions and activity logPages, site visits, asset downloads, utm parameter, actions and activity log
AnalysisDashboard, leads, page funnel, scoring, content evaluationDashboard, leads, page funnel, scoring, content evaluation
WorkflowssvgUse of triggers and actions in any combination.
Contextual Contentsvgsvg
Export Leads to CRMsvgsvg
URL Shortenersvgsvg
A/B Testingsvgsvg
UTM link generatorsvgsvg
Individual Scoring Calculationsvgsvg
Unlimited scoring properties various Categoriessvgsvg
Lead recognitionsvgsvg
E-Mail reportssvgsvg
Data protectionsvg
Opt-Out-Plugin, Respect DoNotTrack BrowserHeader, Toogle all IP-functions, Anonymize IP-address, Toggle tracking of pages and downloads and other features, Anonymize Task, Blacklist
Opt-Out-Plugin, Respect DoNotTrack BrowserHeader, Toogle all IP-functions, Anonymize IP-address, Toggle tracking of pages and downloads and other features, Anonymize Task, Blacklist

The Enterprise version is an additional extension to LUX.
While the community version can collect and evaluate data, LUXenterprise can use this data in the true sense of
marketing automation to develop - nurture - leads.

Pricelist for Enterprise Edition

E-Mail-Marketing with LUXletter

By the way, the free TYPO3 extension LUXletter is the ideal complement to LUX. With it it is possible to create newsletters with a few clicks and then send them to a group of recipients. A large dashboard gives a good overview how the newsletters are received by the target group.

I want to know more about LUXletter

Know when an interesting lead is on the website

You want to be informed immediately by e-mail or in Slack as soon as a visitor of a larger company is on your website? But maybe this should only happen after the 2nd or 3rd visit? Or alternatively only after a certain scoring? With an individual workflow in LUX you can achieve exactly that.

Regular e-mail reports with active leads for sales

Your sales department would like to receive a daily or weekly report with the active leads on the website? Maybe you also want to receive unidentified leads whose company is already known? LUX offers the sending of regular summary mails with all relevant information.

Lead-Nurturing through display of relevant content

Show your visitors relevant information. With the help of workflows you can create forwarding or pop-ups (lightbox) with appropriate content with just a few clicks. In addition, LUX offers a plugin to display page content according to visitor interests (contextual content).

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Latest versions

26.4.1 Update to only (Not available in TYPO3 extension repository) 2023-02-02
26.4.0 New release of version 26.4.0 - see details, changelog and documentation on
26.3.1 New release of version 26.3.1 - see details, changelog and documentation on
26.3.0 New release of version 26.3.0 - see details, changelog and documentation on
26.2.1 New release of version 26.2.1 - see details, changelog and documentation on
26.2.0 New release of version 26.2.0 - see details, changelog and documentation on

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