Shortener - Short links in TYPO3 with LUX

Shortener - Short links in TYPO3 with LUX

Shortener Backend Modul in Luxenterprise in TYPO3

Long URLs are not very popular when using social media posts. Therefore there are external services like or TinyURL. However, this is a double-edged sword in times of GDPR and increased data protection. Details of the visitors to your website should not be known to any external services. This is where the Shortener module from LUX comes in.

TYPO3 editors can use LUXententerprise to add their own short links in the LUX Shortener module. Once created, visitors can be forwarded directly to internal or external landing pages when they are called up. Leads are automatically recorded and categorized accordingly. Of course, you can read the social media source for an evaluation. If leads are developed and carry out a conversion, the first visit to the website can be traced back to a shortener.

Incidentally, a QR code image is automatically generated for each shortener, which can be conveniently downloaded and used for offline campaigns.

Advantages of the short url:

  • Quick and easy generation in TYPO3
  • All data remain in TYPO3
  • You save the number of characters for your social media posts
  • Special characters or long terms that are difficult to remember can be left out
  • Permanent use of defined short URL

Tip1: Use a short and easy-to-remember URL - like

Tip2: If your website correctly redirects to the correct protocol and subdomain, you can do without the https or www prefix, which makes the URL even shorter.

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