Kempten University Relaunch with TYPO3 version 9 on a greenfield site

Kempten University of applied sciences

The Kempten University of Applied Sciences is the only state university in the Allgäu to train academics in the scientific fields of engineering, business administration and tourism, computer science and multimedia as well as social and health care. Since its foundation in 1977, the educational institution on the edge of the Alps has been on a steady growth course.

News display / Dates

The focus in the project was also particularly on messages that do not have pictures. That is, where the text is in the header. The implementation was based on news and event news.

Register of persons

The register of persons with connection to the university information system was programmed by the university itself. In2code did the code review and the integration into Git.

The project

As a result we have introduced a subsite principle. This means that all institutions that have sufficient content will have their own main navigation. The most important pages are accessible via the top navigation. Of course, responsive web design was the focus of the design. The goal was to find a modern, responsive, barrier-free presentation. We showed courage for distances, free space and larger fonts.

The studycourse finder

The studycourse finder for TYPO3 enables people interested in studying to provide structured data for their perfect study course. Especially the study courses have their own detail page. So they are automatically displayed in the main navigation.

The challenges


The technical infrastructure is based on Gitlab with a deployment based on Deployer. Here we have built in various elements of quality assurance (coding style, assembly via composer, frontend quality, style guide).

Quality assurance via style guide and test track.

With the principles of Mobile First and Styleguide First, all elements were first implemented in the HTML prototype based on Atomic Design. After the university had tested the elements, they were only then included in the content management. Each new element was also inserted directly into a test track, so that each new version of the website could then be tested in advance using the test track.

Easy and flexible content elements

Our content elements are built close to the core to keep up with newer TYPO3 versions in the long run. We also pay attention to an editorial-friendly implementation so that the presentation in the backend is self-explanatory.

Our services



A good analysis is the basis for a successful project. In close consultation with the customer and his project team we create a well thought-out concept. The time invested in this basic framework could not be better used.


We create an individual design adapted to the customer project and its requirements. Already at an early stage the client receives a prototype with which he can "play" on his computer, tablet or smartphone.


The ideas and findings from the previous project phases are implemented in the development. All our techniques and guidelines have only one goal: to increase quality and scalability for a sustainable project.


Distribute a specific software version to one or more servers at the push of a button. With a well thought-out deployment optimized for the respective project, we enable those responsible for the project to do this. As a perfect partner for zero downtime deployments and automated tests, breakdowns are a thing of the past.


We turn the employees of our clients into TYPO3 specialists. In individual workshops we help to train their specialists. It doesn't matter whether the training takes place in-house, at our premises in Rosenheim or remotely (e.g. Skype) - the topic is up to you.


Often the requirements for web presences change on a daily or weekly basis. We are happy to assist you with specially tailored support. With a support agreement we guarantee a personal contact person who knows the project and advises the client, as well as fast response times.
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