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OpenStreetMap Extension in TYPO3

Google Maps is not used in many projects due to privacy concerns. OpenStreetMap is a good alternative, especially for colleges and universities. With the package in2code/osm we provide another freely available TYPO3 extension to integrate maps.

Simply displaying a map or a map with a marker is very easy. Editors can easily add an address in the plugin configuration. The extension does the rest.

TYPO3 Extension Repository

Show multiple addresses

By the way: If you already use the extension tt_address, you can select a variety of addresses. These are then displayed on a map with a practical popup when you click on them.


798 downloads over / 433 downloads over TYPO3 extension repository

Latest versions

3.0.0 New release of version 3.0.0 - see details, changelog and documentation on
2.1.1 New release of version 2.1.1 - see details, changelog and documentation on
2.1.0 New release of version 2.1.0 - see details, changelog and documentation on
2.0.2 Update to only (Not available in TYPO3 extension repository) 2020-09-30
2.0.1 Update to only (Not available in TYPO3 extension repository) 2020-09-21
2.0.0 New version with breaking changes of EXT:osm - a simple OpenStreetMap extension for your TYPO3 10 or newer. See for details or a changelog 2020-09-18

PHP Package: in2code/osm, TYPO3 extension key: osm,
Number of releases: 9, Latest update: 2022-05-30,

OSM - OpenStreetMap extension for TYPO3   TYPO3 extension repository

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