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The TYPO3 extension offers an extensive front-end user registration including management functions. It is based on a modern TYPO3 version as well as on Extbase and Fluid and offers a variety of expansion options.

Latest versions

PHP Package: in2code/femanager, TYPO3 extension key: femanager, Latest update: 2020-10-26,
Description: Modern TYPO3 Frontend User Registration.

6.1.1 Release notes:
5.4.1 Release notes:
5.4.0 Minor Release [FEATURE] Add support for country selection options (for TYPO3 V8 / V9) - see documentation- Sponsored by 2020-08-30
6.1.0 Minor release: Add support for country state selection options Release notes:
5.3.1 Bugfix Release: Allow validation with captcha 2020-08-06
6.0.1 Bugfix Release The 6.0 release was falsely tagged with TYPO3 V9 support. This is now corrected. 2020-07-15   TYPO3 extension repository

Femanager in TYPO3 Extension Repository:

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Stefan Busemann

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Hello, my name is Stefan Busemann and as managing director and customer consultant for TYPO3 projects I am happy to take care of your request personally. I am looking forward to your call or your message.

Stefan Busemann |  Management & customer service