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The TYPO3 extension offers an extensive front-end user registration including management functions. It is based on a modern TYPO3 version as well as on Extbase and Fluid and offers a variety of expansion options.

Early Access Program for TYPO3 12

All details about the development status of this extension for TYPO3 12 can be found on our EAP page.

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Latest versions

Version Comment Date Link
7.2.2 Security Update - please update as soon as possible. [SECURITY] This update is needed for version from 7.0.0 to 7.2.1 - older versions are not affected [BUGFIX] Add missing permission check for invitation controlling - thx to Daniel Hofmann (in2code) 2023-10-04
7.2.1 Maintenance Release [TASK] Adds documentation for extended - thx to Daniel Hofmann (in2code) [TASK] Update Image used for Github Actions [BUGFIX] Fixes reaction when no typoscript configuration is set for redirect - thx to Daniel Hofmann (in2code) [BUGFIX] Fixed Object Support for getDirtyPropertiesFromUser() - thx to Daniel Hofmann (in2code) 2023-08-08
7.2.0 [FEATURE] Add column "inactive since" to backend list - thx to Thomas Löffler [BUGFIX] missing email AdminNotify after editing of user profile - thx to Christian Ludwig [BUGFIX] Do not re-evaluate object values in ServersideValidator - thx to Torben Hansen [BUGFIX] Add full object support in getDirtyPropertiesFromUser() - thx to Daniel Haupt [BUGFIX] Prevent undefined array key for empty configPID - thx to Daniel Haupt [BUGFIX] Migrate usage of GU::lcfirst with Rector - thx to Torben Hansen [TASK] Corrects Documenation Rendering Configuration - thx to Daniel Hoffmann [TASK] [TASK] Replace jQuery scrollTop with vanilla scrollIntoView - thx to Felix Ranesberger 2023-07-17
7.1.1 Maintenance Release [BUGFIX] Notification email to admin now sends changes again [BUGFIX] Notification email to admin is also sent when adding recipients address to flex form only [TASK] Removes configPID from ext_typoscript_setup.typoscript 2023-04-26
6.3.6 Maintenance Release [BUGFIX] Removes configPID from ext_typoscript_setup.typoscript: The removed configuration can only be overwritten by another preset file in another extension, it can not be overwritten by PageTS. 2023-04-26
6.3.5 Maintenance Release [BUGFIX] Notification email to admin is also sent when adding recipients address to flex form only [BUGFIX] v5 backport: Notification mail to admin shows changes 2023-03-23

PHP Package: in2code/femanager, TYPO3 extension key: femanager,
Number of releases: 61, Latest update: 2023-10-04,

Modern TYPO3 Frontend User Registration.   TYPO3 extension repository

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