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Aventis Foundation

The Aventis Foundation is a non-profit foundation based in Frankfurt am Main. It was established in 1996 by Hoechst Aktiengesellschaft as the Hoechst Foundation and endowed with a foundation capital of DM 100 million. In 2000 it was renamed Aventis Foundation.

FoundationPlus Integration in TYPO3

in2code created its own application management as an extension in TYPO3 that communicates via an interface with the FoundationPlus information management for foundations & charities.

The foundation

The Aventis Foundation promotes art and culture as well as science and teaching. In the area of art and culture, support is concentrated on individual, innovative projects of cultural institutions which, for example, test new formats, develop new target groups or break new ground in aesthetic education. Thematically, the focus is on the promotion of young talent and regionally in the Rhine-Main area and in Berlin. In the area of science and teaching, endowed and guest professorships as well as two scholarship programs for doctoral students and lecturers are supported. In particular, the linking of the research areas of chemistry, biology and medicine is supported.

The task

in2code developed and maintains an own TYPO3 instance for the administration of project applications. Via an individually created extension, applications can be submitted and subsequently managed by the foundation. If required and after running through a defined workflow, projects are transferred via an XML interface to the FoundationPlus software for further support.

In addition to further development and support, in2code also takes care of system maintenance.

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