For editors, admins or developers TYPO3 Trainings

TYPO3 Trainings and Workshops

Do you work at a university or college and do you manage your internet presence on your own? Should your company or department be able to make changes to the website without the help of an agency? Do you want to turn your employees and colleagues into TYPO3 professionals or do you need individual consulting for a large project?

Rely on best practice and the experience of our friendly trainers. We train all topics according to your wishes at beginner or advanced level.

Individual trainings

Our workshops are somewhat different from others. We do not simply train the content of a book. With us, the client determines the topics that take him or her further. Do you want to program a specific TYPO3 extension? Let us do this together in a workshop! Profit from the knowledge of experienced developers and project managers.


Alexander Kellner

Einer unserer Trainer

Alexander Kellner ist nicht nur für seine vielen TYPO3-Erweiterungen wie zum Beispiel powermail oder femanager sondern auch für seinen Community-Einsatz bekannt. Er gibt auch gerne Administrations- oder Entwicklungsschulungen oder Worksshops.

Alexander Kellner |  Management & CMO

The training location

The training location is determined by you alone. Should it be an in-house training at your premises or rather a trouble-free training at our premises in Rosenheim? Here we adapt to your wishes.


The training topic

We offer trainings for all imaginable topics around TYPO3. In addition to the classics such as admin, editor or developer training, we also offer more unusual workshops on deployment, continuous integration, composer, CSS precompiling or simply best practice for complex projects.


Marcus Schwemer

Einer unserer Trainer

Marcus Schwemer ist vor allem für seinen Blog TYPO3worx, seine beliebten Vorträge auf Veranstaltungen und seinem Wissen über Solr in der Community bekannt und geschätzt. Er kümmert sich bei in2code um kreative und strukturierte Lösungen.

Marcus Schwemer |  Dev Ops & Backend Entwicklung

Training for

Unverbindliche Schulungsanfrage stellen

Sandra Pohl

One of our coaches

Sandra Pohl is not only available as a consultant for our university and college clients. She also knows how to make new editors understand TYPO3 in a simple way.

Sandra Pohl |  Product Owner & Project Manager