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University of Ulm

The University of Ulm offers its more than 10,000 students numerous courses of study in the faculties of medicine, engineering, computer science and psychology, mathematics and economics as well as natural sciences.

Since its foundation in 1967, the youngest university in Baden-Württemberg has experienced a remarkable upward trend. In 2017 it will be the best young university in Germany! This is confirmed by the ranking "THE 150 Under 50" of the British magazine "Times Higher Education" (THE). Worldwide, the University of Ulm is in an excellent 8th place this year.

Agile project management as a basis

The joint planning for a relaunch of the existing site uni-ulm.de began as early as 2016. Agile development methods helped the project team on both sides to meet both time and budget targets through constant mutual feedback and adjustment of the goals, in order to be able to go online promptly. To this day, we continue to adhere to this project management method in order to provide the website with new features and updates.

University of Ulm

During the relaunch, all those involved focused on preserving the previous content as well as on minimizing downtime during the update in order to influence the more than one thousand editors in their work as little as possible. In addition to an update of the CMS (from TYPO3 version 6.2 LTS to 7.6 LTS and later to 9.5 LTS), the appearance of the site was also to be given a fresh shine for visitors.

In order to correspond to the user behaviour of students, employees and other interested parties, the university website is designed in a responsive design. It can therefore be used comfortably on the PC as well as on mobile devices such as the smartphone and tablet. In addition, the structure of the site has been streamlined and user-oriented access points for internal and external target groups have been created. The new website is of course barrier-free and scored excellently in the so-called BITV test.

The project

The website was developed from scratch by the in2code university team and received a completely new design, with a special focus on the greater involvement of the faculties and the emphasis on the university character. Numerous, specially developed content elements can be used by editors in a targeted manner. A global TYPO3 categorization provides a comprehensive color scheme for page trees, page content, news - additionally with the different layouts for events and job ads - and further extensions.

The combination of LDAP with various other login methods - such as automatic IP-based login - posed a further challenge both in the frontend and with the large number of backend users.

The challenges

In addition to the numerous new developments, a comprehensive migration concept was the focus of the project. Not only the update of TYPO3, but also the conversion from CSS Styled Content to Fluid Styled Content, the conversion to own content elements and the technology change from Templa Voila to Gridelements as well as a multitude of extension updates had to be mastered on schedule.

A sophisticated concept for software distribution enables a continuous development of the website as well as the possibility of a zero downtime deployment on three different servers provided by the university's computer center. The uninterrupted work of the editors will continue to be the focus of future software releases.

The studyfinder

Prospective students can, for example, use a new function developed especially for the university: With the so-called study course finder, they can filter their desired course of study from the University of Ulm's range of offers with just a few clicks - including, of course, English-language offers as well as in-service training courses.

Our services



A good analysis is the basis for a successful project. In close consultation with the customer and his project team we create a well thought-out concept. The time invested in this basic framework could not be better used.


We create an individual design adapted to the customer project and its requirements. Already at an early stage the client receives a prototype with which he can "play" on his computer, tablet or smartphone.


The ideas and findings from the previous project phases are implemented in the development. All our techniques and guidelines have only one goal: to increase quality and scalability for a sustainable project.


Distribute a specific software version to one or more servers at the push of a button. With a well thought-out deployment optimized for the respective project, we enable those responsible for the project to do this. As a perfect partner for zero downtime deployments and automated tests, breakdowns are a thing of the past.


We turn the employees of our clients into TYPO3 specialists. In individual workshops we help to train their specialists. It doesn't matter whether the training takes place in-house, at our premises in Rosenheim or remotely (e.g. Skype) - the topic is up to you.


Often the requirements for web presences change on a daily or weekly basis. We are happy to assist you with specially tailored support. With a support agreement we guarantee a personal contact person who knows the project and advises the client, as well as fast response times.

Electronic telephone book

An individual interface to the Electronic Telephone Book of the University of Ulm enables the automatic import of contacts in order to output them on the website in different layouts for different purposes.

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